As the student Department for Gender Equality and Diversity we promote diversity and a welcoming atmosphere on campus! We support gender equity and the visibility of BiPoC (Black, indigenous, People of Color) as well as LGBTQIA* people (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, inter, queer, asexual, aromantic, agender) at the university.

We take a clear stance against discrimination in the form of racism, ableism, classism, gadjé-racism/antiziganism, nationalism, sexism, hostility towards lesbians, gays, bi, trans, inter* people.  

Our work focuses on the interests and concerns of the students and the planning of events (e.g. workshops, talks, readings, screenings) relating to the topics listed above.

If you want to network, need support or have questions please contact us! We usually meet up every two weeks digitally via WebEx. If you want to participate, send us an email!