What we stand for:

AStA International is one of many AStA departments. Our focus lies on pursuing the idea of our university as a ‚European University‘: in a nutshell, this means engaging in internationally-themed projects or planning them ourselves in order to keep enhancing the status quo of international activity at Flensburg University. Other tasks include implementing projects and creating content for international students, improving the contact between international and local students and helping international students in any matter.

Our current projects:

eMerge: One of our current affairs deals with the coordination of a project called „eMERGE“, which aims at connecting different European Universities not only in terms of research and teaching, but also to establish a cultural exchange of the corresponding universities‘ students. Thus, we take part regularly in meetings of the eMERGE student forum (ESF) to help erecting this ‚virtual campus‘. For more information about the participating institutions, click the following link: https://www.uni-flensburg.de/portal-internationales/nach-flensburg-kommen/emerge-virtuell/

Model United Nations (MUN): Model United Nations is the simulation of an UN conference, where every participant takes on the role of a delegate of a UN member state to debate a topic of international importance in order to find a solution. Our plan is the founding of a MUN club in cooperation with the department for political education and the media team from the International Office, with regular meetings in the semester to debate in MUN-style.

Podcast: Creating a language podcast with international and local students of different levels in the respective language about easy and fun everyday life topics in order to practice listening and speaking skills.

About us and contact:

Hey everybody! My name is Annick and I am studying Transformation Studies (MA) at Flensburg University. Previously, I studied European Studies in Osnabrück and Kraków. From my Erasmus experience I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get in touch with local students. So one of my main interests in AStA International is to increase the contact between Flensburg and Erasmus/International students.

Hi! My name is Kayonzo and I am studying International Management (BA, Spanish) in my 5th semester here at Flensburg University. I enjoy playing volleyball in my spare time, particularly at the beaches in summer. An interest of mine has always been getting to know foreign countries with their unique cultures and nature, which motivated me also to study a few languages. Thus, I decided to join AStA international with the intention to help in international affairs.

Hey there! I am Paula and I am currently studying European Studies (MA) as an international student at Flensburg University. I have previously studied Philosophy at Barcelona University and I carried on an Erasmus year at Bayreuth University. My main interests are reading, enjoying the sun -especially in Germany-, and cooking.

If you have any questions related to being an international student at Flensburg University or about the ongoing AStA projects, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very happy to help! (Email address: asta.internationales@uni-flensburg.de)