Repayment 9 € - Ticket

In the course of the nationwide 9€ ticket, all students who are currently entitled to have a semester ticket can apply for a refund of €48.50.

The repayment amount is made up of the differences between the fee paid for the national and regional semester ticket ((115 € + 36 €) / 6 per month) and the 9.00 € for the special ticket for the months of June, July and August:

((115 € + 36 €) / 6 – 9,00 €) * 3 = 48,50 €

Since you transfer the money to the Studentenwerk SH when you enrol or re-register, we do not have your account details for a transfer. That is why we have to ask for them in advance. This form is intended to simplify the process for us at AStA, but also for you. Please fill in all the required fields. It is very important that the information is correct. If there are any errors in your form, you will receive a reminder email. You will receive this if you have entered incorrect data or if you are not entitled to a ticket.

The repayments will only be transferred to the specified account after the application deadline (10th of october 2022). We ask for a little patience until then.


If you have not yet ordered a semester ticket, but have paid your semester fee for the spring semester 2022, you can order your ticket in just a few clicks ( With the mobile phone ticket, you will receive an email with your ticket number directly afterwards.

It is imperative that you provide the ticket number from the Spring 2022 semester ticket, as numbers can differ from semester to semester. We have created a guide where you can find your ticket number here:

Applications via the online form can still be submitted until 31st of august 2022. After that, applications must be sent by e-mail to be submitted. Applications can only be submitted until 10th of october 2022. We cannot consider applications received after this date.

If you cannot log in to the intranet with your access data, please visit the following ZIMT page:

There you will find many helpful tips.

We need the following details are neccessary for a refund application via email.

Info Ticket Holder


First Name:

student emailaddress:

Semester Ticket Number (Spring Semester 2022):

Info Bank Account Holder


First Name:



If you have any questions, please contact us exclusively at the following e-mail address: Please refrain from other communication channels in regard to that specific topic.