Gemäß Hochschulgesetz des Landes Schleswig-Holstein (§ 74, Absatz 2 Satz 3) ist es vorgesehen, dass Studierende unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen von der Verpflichtung zur Zahlung von Anteilen des Studierendenschaftsbeitrags befreit werden können. Die Studierendenschaft an der Europa-Universität Flensburg hat dies in der Beitragssatzung berücksichtigt.


An application can only be made by contacting the AStA Social Counseling Service (StuBS) soziales@uni-flensburg.de.

Auszüge aus der Beitragssatzung:

§ 6 Exemption

(1) Upon application, full or partial exemption from the student body fee may be granted in cases of special social hardship upon presentation of appropriate proof.

(2) A special social hardship exists in particular if

1. the student alone or through a community of need receives unemployment benefit II, social welfare, basic security or benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act; in particular, the relevant notification must be submitted, or

2. the student's parents receive a child supplement for the student according to § 6a BKGG; in particular, the corresponding notice must be submitted, or

3. students have less than the requirement rate according to § 13 BAföG at their disposal and only have their own assets up to the amount of the asset allowance according to § 29 BAföG; in particular, proof of income and assets must be submitted, or

4. students are entitled to integration assistance according to SGB IX due to a disability and can claim additional needs according to SGB II; in particular, the corresponding notice must be submitted, or

5. Studierende Wohngeld beziehen; vorzulegen ist insbesondere der entsprechende Bescheid, oder

6. in the case of students, there is another unreasonable burden resulting from the overall circumstances; economic reasons alone are not sufficient in this respect.

§ 7 Procedure for exemption

(1) Das Antragsformular zur Befreiung ist bei der Studierendenberatung BAföG & Soziales des AStA erhältlich. Die Antragstellenden sind verpflichtet ihre Einnahmen und ihr Vermögen wahrheitsgemäß anzugeben.

(2) Applications for exemption from fees must be submitted to the AStA within the following deadlines:

1. Im Falle der Erstimmatrikulation spätestens vier Wochen nach Vorlesungsbeginn,

2. in case of ongoing studies, no later than one month before the beginning of the deadline for re-registration for the coming semester.

(3) The application for exemption from contributions must be submitted by the person entitled to apply or by a person authorized to do so in writing, presenting the original documents of the required certificates and evidence. The AStA may accept copies of these documents.

(4) There is no legal entitlement to exemption from the student body fee.

(5) If the budgetary resources available for the respective semester from the Hardship Fund pursuant to § 2, paragraph 2, sentence 3 are not sufficient, they shall be divided among all approved applications in proportion to the respective exemption amount.

(6) An appeal against the negative decision may be lodged in writing with the AStA Executive Board within four weeks of notification of the decision.

If you have any questions or would like to submit an application, please email: soziales@uni-flensburg.de

Please be sure to note the application deadlines:

  1. In the case of first-time enrollment, no later than 4 weeks after the start of lectures.
  2. In the case of an ongoing study program, no later than one month before the start of the deadline for re-registration for the upcoming study semester.