How to get the Semesterticket

It is possible to get either a ticket out of paper or an online ticket.

If you want to have an online ticket, download the App “NAH SH”. It is a free app that has a turquoise and white icon.
Please ensure, that your university email account has enough space for the registration email which you will receive after ordering.
This is also necessary when you order a paper ticket.

Now you can start with the registration, either on your smartphone or on a computer. Have a photo of yourself ready to upload.

Step 1: Visit the following website:
Step 2: Click the Button ‘Order form for the semesterticket’ and follow the instructions.
Tip: the username is your matriculation number and the password is the one you got for your university email account (Netzwerkzugangspasswort).

During this part of the registration you have to choose, if you want to have an online- or paperticket. You have to choose it for the semester and you can not change. Both advices are easy to handle.

For the onlineticket:
Step 3: When you finish ordering the ticket, check you university email address. If you did everything right, you will find an email including a ticket number. You have to enter this number and also your date of birth into the app you just downloaded. After that, you should be able to see your online ticket for public transportation.