How to get the Semesterticket

First: If you want to have an Onlineticket, download the App ‘nah sh’, it is for free and has a blue/white icon and FOR EVERYBODY
ensure, that your university emailaccount has enough space for the registrationemail.
It is also necessary when you order the paper ticket.

Start now you registration, either on a smartphone or an equal technical terminal, like a PC for example. Rembert to have an actual photo.

1) Enter ‘nah sh semesterticket’ in the browser ledge,
2) You can change the page into english, there is a button at the top of the page.
3) Click on the Button ‘Order Form for the semesterticket’ and follow the instruction,
Tipp: the Username is your matrikelnumber and the password is the one you got for your university emailaccount (Netzwerkzugangspasswort).

During this part of the registration you have to choose, if you want to have an online- or paperticket. You have to choose it for the semester and you can not change.
All advices are easy to handle.

For the onlineticket:
5) When you finish the order, check you university emailadress, there you will find – if you did everything right- a ticketnumber. This number you have to enter in the App plus your date of birth. And than you should have your online ‘landesweites Semesterticket’.