This offer does not come from the university, but from its independent student body. The university does not hear about any legal advice. Therefore, problems with the university can also be addressed.

Free legal advice for students

Thanks to our initiative, we can finally offer our students free legal advice (initial consultation). We were able to acquire a lawyer who is available twice a week for one hour:

  • Mondays, 5-6pm
  • Fridays, 2-3pm

There are three 20-minute appointments per hour, which must be booked in advance. When booking, a telephone number must be given where you can be reached during the booked period. It is helpful if you give a rough idea of what you want to talk about when booking. The data will of course be treated sensitively and only passed on to the lawyer.

After confirming the booking, the lawyer calls the telephone number provided and then takes an average of 20 minutes. This time frame is usually sufficient for an initial consultation. Corresponding experience has already been gained at other universities.

Important: The topics to be discussed vary greatly in complexity and therefore also in time intensity, and it may also happen that the lawyer has a longer appointment beforehand. Therefore, on the one hand, we do not allocate any specific individual time slots, and on the other hand, the times stated above are to be understood as guidelines. This means: As a rule, the interview will take place within the above-mentioned time frame. But please do not despair if it is a little later. Those who have a confirmed appointment will be called in any case.

He is available in particular for all questions within the framework of studies, but also, for example, in BAFöG or rental matters and beyond.

The dates must be sent by mail to , stating a telephone number and the desired date and ideally rough outlines of what is involved. It is first come, first served. The first three for Monday will be awarded the a time slot and also the first three for Friday.

We hope to be able to make bookings via a digital booking system soon.

For the international students: Legal advice is given exclusively in German. If you do not speak German but need legal advice, please make sure that a person you trust is present at the meeting who can translate for you and ideally speaks German at the level of a native speaker.

Best regards,
Your AStA board