Refund of contributions

It’s possible that you might be able to afford the cost of the semester ticket
under certain conditions, such as a semester abroad, can be refunded. For example, if you are exmatriculated, it is also possible that we will refund your contribution to the student body. Please note the deadlines in both cases.
If you have any questions regarding the refund, please contact us by phone (+49 (0)461 – 805 – 2133) or by e-mail (
Please always make sure that your application is complete! What kind of
the complete application is required, you will find on this page
under the reason for application
You can send us the applications including the required documents by mail
or you can also send it by mail. Only complete applications
edited. Please also note that the premium refunds
at the earliest five weeks after the start of the lecture.
Deadlines: The refund must be applied for at the latest four weeks after the start of lectures.