Elections 2023 - Elections to the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the Program Student's Councils (FSV')

On this page you will be continuously informed about all important information regarding the student elections 2023.

If you have any questions or other concerns regarding the student body elections, please feel free to contact us via email at any time. 

Contact until the election of the Election Committee: stupa@uni-flensburg.de
Contact after the election of the Election Committee: wahlausschuss.studierende@uni-flensburg.de

All information on the last election can be found here and to the penultimate election here.

Election deadline

Since the election committee could not be elected until now, a new election day has to be set. This will be done at the next StuPa meeting. Depending on this election date, the there are many deadlines to follow according to our election regulations that the two electoral bodies (electoral committee and electoral review committee) must meet, see below.

Note: The deadlines below apply in the event that the election deadline is set as the last possible day in this semester, i.e. 7 July 23. Each day earlier means one day earlier for all deadlines. Later would automatically mean that the election could only take place at the beginning of the autumn semester.

Call for candidates for the Election Committee and the Election Review Committee

The election will not be conducted by one of the currently occupied student bodies, i.e. neither by the StuPa nor by the AStA nor by the student representatives.

There needs to be an Election Committee (WA), which must be staffed by five to seven students, and an Election Review Committee (WPA), which must be staffed by three to five students. Otherwise, no elections can take place. Both electoral bodies are elected by the StuPa.

However, in order to be able to guarantee the elections, we ask you for your candidacies for the WA or WPA. It is only possible to be represented in one of the two bodies. Furthermore, members of the WA and the WPA are not allowed to stand as candidates in one of the elections (StuPa, FSV'). An expense allowance for loss of time is granted for voluntary work in the WA and WPA.

The task of the WA is much more extensive than that of the WPA. While the WA prepares and conducts the elections completely, including all the necessary steps, the WPA checks the work of the WA and must decide at the end whether everything went according to the rules and the elections are therefore valid. This check must be carried out by the WPA independently. For this purpose, it is not absolutely necessary to supervise the election committee during the entire period of activity, but it is not wrong either. Likewise, the WPA must fully consider any objections to the election in its examination and decide on them accordingly.

The election for the WA is planned for next StuPa meeting. The next regular meeting will be on 24 May 2023 at 4pm, if necessary, an extraordinary meeting can be held beforehand (the StuPa presidium decides on the necessity and scheduling). If there are already candidates for the WPA by then, the election of the WPA will also take place. It is not a compulsory requirement to attend the meeting, but it is regularly welcomed, because the parliamentarians would like to get at least a picture of the candidates before they elect them. In any case, there is also the possibility of online participation, as all StuPa meetings are at least hybrid.

Election to one of the electoral bodies is a very responsible activity that requires reliability and conscientiousness. A great deal is clearly regulated in the electoral regulations; there is often no or only very limited room for manoeuvre. The deadlines specified in the electoral regulations must be observed exactly. Very good knowledge of German is strongly recommended!

Without enough students in the WA and the WPA, the election cannot be held and must be postponed. The election deadline must be during the lecture period.

Electoral touchstones

The election regulations are interspersed with various steps for the correct preparation, implementation and follow-up of the elections. The steps are regularly provided with clearly set deadlines, usually to be understood as "no later than". Therefore, one can also speak of milestones. The following table contains the most important milestones of the elections, which can also be understood at the same time as an indication of when what must be done or rather by when what must be done:

Election Committee

24.05.23Latest election of the WA
25.05.23Election notice
31.05.23Advance voting form (not for online voting)
07.06.23Submission of election proposals (candidatures)
08.06.23Beginning of display of electoral roll
14.06.23Submission of election proposals (candidatures)
21.06.23Start of voting
27.06.23End of display of electoral roll
04.07.23Dispatch of by-election documents
07.07.23Election deadline (end of election)
End of JulyConstituent StuPa meeting

This list makes no claim to completeness and does not replace independent study of the electoral regulations.

Each postponement of the election day by one day also postpones each of the above-mentioned deadlines by one day.

Election Review Committee

22.06.23Latest election of the WPA
14.07.23Objection deadline
15.07.23Announcement of validity (without objections)
21.07.23Announcement of validity (with objections)

This list makes no claim to completeness and does not replace independent study of the electoral regulations.

Each postponement of the election day by one day also postpones each of the above-mentioned deadlines by one day.