The Higher Education Act of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (section 74, paragraph 2, sentence 3) provides that students may, under certain conditions, be exempted from the obligation to pay a proportion of the student body contribution. The student body at the Europa-Universität Flensburg has issued a directive to this effect.


An application can only be made via the contact to the AStA Social Counselling Service (StuBS)

Excerpts from the guideline: REQUIREMENTS FOR EXEMPTION (§ 2)

(1) The following persons can apply for an EXEMPTION for the SEMESTER TICKET and the CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDENT BODY:

1. students who have less than the requirement rate according to BAföG § 13 at their disposal and only have their own assets up to the amount of the assets allowance according to § 29 BAföG

2. single parent students who live in a household with child(ren) who are entitled to social benefits

3. students who are entitled to housing benefit.

4. students who are entitled to integration assistance (SGB IX) due to a disability and can claim additional needs according to SGB II (or comparable).

5. if there is any other unreasonable burden resulting from the overall circumstances; economic reasons alone are not sufficient in this respect.

(2) The following persons may apply for an EXEMPTION for the CONTRIBUTION TO STUDENTSHIP

1. students who are entitled to free public transport in accordance with the Severely Disabled Persons Act (SGB IX and Severely Disabled Persons Act § 59ff) with a severely disabled person’s pass valid for the period of application and bearing the marks G, Gl, aG, H, Bl and the corresponding valid token The above-mentioned documents must be presented in the original.

2. students who, due to a recognised severe disability, are demonstrably unable to use public transport. A valid severely handicapped pass with suitable proof in the original must be presented.

If you have any questions or would like to make an application, PLEASE WRITE AN EMAIL to:


  1. in case of first matriculation at the latest 4 weeks after the start of the lecture.
  2. in case of ongoing studies, at the latest one month before the deadline for re-registration for the coming semester.